Hiking & Yoga Retreat

Hiking & Yoga Retreat

from 999.00

Dandong, Liaoning

5 Nights Riverfront Accommodation, Transportation during The Trip, Daily Group Meals, Rejuvenating Daily Yoga, Workshop, Massage and Treatment, 2 Chinese Language Lessons, 1 Craft Lesson, Admission Tickets to Events and Activities (Mountains Hiking/ Historical Cruise/ Hot Springs/ Night Market/ Border Tour/ Corn Harvest/ Peach Blossom/ Vegetarian BBQ), Group T-Shirt, Yoga Tote, Trip Photos&Videos, 


Day 1: Arrival, Welcome Circle, Welcome Dinner

Day 2: Cleanse, Meditation, Breakfast, Hiking, Yoga, Dinner

Day 3: Yoga, Breakfast, Peach Blossom, Vegetarian BBQ, Historical Cruise

Day 4: Cleanse, Yoga, Brunch, Border Tour, Dinner, Night Market

Day 5: Yoga, Breakfast, Hiking, Hot Spring, Massage, Dinner, Gift Shopping, 

Day 6: Yoga, Brunch, Closing Circle, Goodbyes


April 8- April 15, 2018

May 20- May 27, 2018

June 3- June 10, 2018

June 17- June 24, 2018

July 29- August 5, 2018

August 12- August 19, 2018

September 23- September 30, 2018

October 7- October 14, 2018

Transportation is included from Shen Yang International Airport between 9am-7pm. If you arrive later or are coming from elsewhere we are happy to help set up transportation, however it will not be included.

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