One-On-One at Creek Yoga

Our private One-on-One session is a perfect setting to address physical goals and/or needs---

  • Gain a deeper insight into postures
    • Learn your unique structural issues through demonstrations and hands-on adjustments
    • Work through the obstacles, such as injuries, pains, etc.
    • Receive personalized instruction and feedback
  • Emphasize on alignment and modifications to accommodate your personal practice
    • Learn the tips of doing the pose correctly and comfortably through professional guidance  
    • Develop a customized daily practice
    • Receive free consultation to discuss needs/ concerns/ goals for future training

We work with you one-on-one to create a customized program that meets your individual needs and personal goals. 

Single Lesson (75 minutes):  $150           

3 or More Lessons: $120 Each 

Beginner Fundamental Series: $800 (One Lesson per Day for One Week) 

Meditative De-Stress Series: $800 (One Session per Day for 10 Days)

Contact Us to set up private lessons at Creek Yoga