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A peaceful moment we enjoy together with ourselves

A peaceful moment we enjoy together with ourselves

At Creek Yoga, we believe in smaller class sizes to allow for more attention and observation to individual growth. Since every individual body (and mind) comes with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, smaller classes also allow instructors to personalize and modify a class to deliver a unique experience to every student.

At Creek Yoga, you can deepen your practice and facilitate breakthroughs in ways that aren’t always possible in a large group setting. You will gain insight into your unique structural issues through hands-on adjustments and personal feedback. No one gets lost in the crowd. Meanwhile, you will learn to adapt poses for your specific needs and to work through obstacles in specific poses you find difficult. Eventually, you will develop an individualized personal practice with professional guidance.

At Creek Yoga, we teach to cultivate the ultimate balance for individual, to strengthen your body, and to improve flexibility and vitality which tend to decline as we age. Our goal has been to provide a safe and caring environment for people to practice and expand themselves in many ways- physically, mentally, and spiritually. Discovering your higher self and connecting to abundance in this life, our very qualified teachers are fully committed to guide you along your path.

None of us need to be alone. Our loving community is here to accompany you in having the best yoga experience!